"Develop a campaign to generate relevancy of Tai Pei to millennials" 

Sponsored by AAF's National Student Advertising Competition and Tai Pei, 12 ad superstars and I were tasked with the challenge to make Tai Pei relevant to the millennials ages 18-25. However, our team understood life between those ages can be very different - thus creating three subsets of life stages: the self-discovery stage, the stressed stage + the young and fun stage.With that, we wanted to position Tai Pei as the brand that understands the wants and needs of Millennials during meal time as well as other aspects in their lives. 


Art Direction: Amber Uffelman, Andrew Moliski, Grant Woodworth, Tanya Patra |  Copywriting: Alex Ryley,  Rachel StarkStrategy + Media: Taylor Carnard, Victoria Bak, Samantha Ferguson, Patrick Shafer, Elizabeth Yerger