Stationed at the cash register without anyone to check out, what do you think about? 

I spend a lot of time at Urban Outfitters, not just shopping but because I work there. I'm familiar with the tactics we do and wanted to challenge myself to add to the great content strategy Urban Outfitters already has. 


Today's trendsetters are active on social media and it's where they get their information, including suggestions on what they should be investing their time in. Urban Outfitters should focus marketing resources on a social media campaign, producing content that is customized for local UO accounts. Mirco-influencers  will highlight little known secrets of local city culture. Utilizing an influencer's perspective of the city aligns with UO's innovation and tastemaker mindset. In addition, Urban Outfitters merchandise is also product placed. It gives the consumer the opportunity to understand how UO's products can be used in their daily life.  







Morningside Ave is located  in Toronto's Scarborough neighborhood where Degrassi High was filmed. 


UO should continue to produce evergreen content but localize it.  The picture to the left is abstract, it doesn't appeal to the consumers' pain points. The picture to the right contains a concrete demonstration on how UO products can directly integrate into a consumer's life. It shifts the perspective to the consumer. Not only does it create suggestions on the usage of these products but allows consumers to engage with it in a personalized way.